FIDO U2F, password management, and more,
all on your smartphone

From smartphone, to Injector device, to login

Injector is an innovative, smartphone-based identity manager that gives you strong protection against cyber threats with unprecedented convenience.

Injector encrypts and stores your sensitive personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and account IDs on your smartphone and creates a direct, wireless connection between your smartphone and any computer. With a touch of your finger, voice command, or QR code scan, you can automatically log in or send any piece of personal information to the computer whenever you need it.

Injector Overview

Log in to anything using your smartphone for
stronger, faster, and simpler security
Machine Logins
FIDO U2F & Multi-Factor Authentication
Web Logins

Why Injector?

Stronger security
Stronger Security

through password management, strong multi-factor authentication, and FIDO U2F

True privacy
True Privacy

with local encrypted storage of credentials on your smartphone, never in a browser and never in the cloud

Ultimate convenience
Ultimate Convenience

with automatic logins via tap, voice command, or QR code scanning. No need to remember complex passwords. No need to type them in. No software required.

Stronger security
Stronger Security

through managed access control for individual employees and groups

Better productivity
Better Productivity

through fast automatic logins, elimination of password resets, and management of shared credentials

Simple deployment
Simple Deployment

on BYOD smartphones with instant deprovisioning and no client software required

Ultimate convenience
Full Coverage

of all application types for any operating system; Injector works with everything