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Difference between Chronological Age and Mental Age

What is Chronological age?   

         Age measured by time is called chronological age. Moreover, it is the age of an individual measured in days, months, and years from the time an individual was born, often used in psychometrics. It is the age of a person from birth to the date. Chronological age helps determine the total life span of an individual, and the birthdays, wedding anniversaries, death anniversaries are being witnessed. Chronological age is very important nowadays because it is used in the process of national registration, birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates.

What is the biological age?

         Biological age is the physiological age of an individual, which takes many lifestyles into consideration, including diet, exercise, sleeping habits, etc. It is initially influenced by genetics, but according to recent research, it says that how external factors become the reason for aging, including diet, exercise, and sleeping habits. Scientist uses DNA methylation to determine biological age. It is the age of a person according to the fitness of an individual. It determines the fitness level of a person.

What is the mental age?

      It tells about the intelligence level of a person. It can be defined as a comparison of an individual’s mental capability, with an average chronological age of an individual. It can be better understood by an example of ten years old boy who thinks like 15 years old boy can be said to have a mental age of fifteen years. It is an age that is related to the growth of mind; sometimes, it can be witnessed that some people are not growing according to their mental age, so they face any kind of irregularities, which results in devastating effects on their personality. Mental age is determined when an individual reasons.

Difference between chronological age and biological age:

  • Chronological age: The length of a time in which a person actually lived from birth.
  • Mental age: The comparison of the level of intelligence of a person to a normal person of the same age.
  • Chronological age: It is only affected by the time in which a person actually lived.
  • Mental age: Mental age is affected by nutrition, exposure, natural genius, and education.
  • Chronological age: In chronological age, maximum aging is marked by death.
  • Mental age: In this scenario, no maximum maturity level can be experienced.
  • Chronological age: In the case of chronological aging, there is the physical manifestation that can be visualized by the naked eye.
  • Mental age: In the mental age, one cannot determine the level of mental aging through mere observation.

Factor affecting chronological age and mental age:

Factors for mental age:

  • Health supplements are one of the factors which affect mental age.
  • Information and education affect the mental age directly.
  • The growth of mental age can be examined through exposure to general knowledge.
  • Surrounding in which an individual brought up also affects mental age.

Factors affecting chronological age: 

  • The chronological age is affected by time.
  • Length of life that an individual lived.
  • It is determined by the length of time a person has lived.


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