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Chronological Age Complete Guide

Chronological Age

What is the chronological age? Chronological age is defined as the actual time of a person who has been alive or how many days, year, month and time they are alive on the does not depend upon the healthy lifestyle of a person.
Chronological age calculates the individual age of she or he was born. Chronological age can be calculated, most from the psychological test. It can calculate the actual day month and year.

For Example

A person who was born on 1 January 2000 and the person wants to calculate his age to 25 march 2017 then his chronological age is 17 years, 1month, and four days.

  • In months: 205 months and four days.
  • In weeks: 892 weeks and one day.
  • In Hours: 149880.
  • In minutes: 8992800.
  • In second: 539568000.

Chronological age just signifies the actual age of your life or how old are you it just defined the number of the year a person has lived from the time he and she were born.

How to use the Chronological age Calculator?

The online chronological age calculator is an easier and convenient way for you to get your exact chronological age and unless you want to perform the calculation manually it is very difficult to calculate manually age, it will waste your time so the chronological age calculator can save your time and money.

here some step to use this calculator:

First enter your date of birth (DOB) from the starting day when you are born day, month, and then the a year and then enter the present date day, month, and year you can also change the date if you want to know the age to that date then the chronological age calculator can help to calculate the exact age of your life, it will show the actual day month year, week, days, minutes, seconds, and hours.

How does chronological age calculator work?

You will need to assessment date of age (DOA) and date of birth (DOB) and the convert these dates in the order of year, month and days then using the converted dates it can subtract the date of birth (DOB) from the (DOA) then it multiplies the number of the year by 12 and adds to the number of months .if there are 15 or more days, then add one more month to the age. This will give the chronological age. If the calculation is not possible without “borrowing, “borrow the amount.

If you need more days, borrow one month from the month column and add 30 days extra in that column. If it would help if you had more month then you borrow one year from the year column and add 12 extra months to the month column.

To find your chronological age you can subtract your date of birth from the current date. When you subtract dates it similar to subtract number the only difference is that when you subtract month, you can only use the number 1-12, and for the days, you can use a number from 1-29, 1-130, and 1-31.

Difference between Biological age and Chronological age?

There are two types of human age one is Biological age, and the other one is chronological age so as we known that chronological age is the number of year day’s month’s hour minutes and seconds the person is alive on the earth and as we known biological refer to how the personage is also referred to as physiological age it takes many lifestyle factors into consideration including diet sleeping eating walking and another habit.

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